Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More "Crazy" Classical Guitar!

Hi All!

This latest update has a lot of fun in different ways. Let's go...

The first one is Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Not exactly what you'd call perfect classical technique but who cares??!!
He's having a lot of fun there and does a really great job in my opinion. I really like this guys playing!!! He's worked hard AND he's talented.


Now for two crazy kids "goofing off" as they'd say in the States...

Looks like they were having a great time. Good to see.

The third one is "crazy" because of this guy's sitting position. I don't think it made any difference though as he plays it very nicely and successfully - a job well done!

I hope you enjoy this edition of Classical Guitar Fun Blog!

See you next time.


marimoy said...

Those little kids are so funny!

Nicola Cappellini said...

Haha, those kids are so funny!

what's wrong with the sitting position of the guy playing Bach?

Anonymous said...

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